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UAE Driving license

Even besides ever more popular metro, the driving in Dubai remains the most convenient means of transportation.
While tourists and people on visit visas can drive with International Driving License from their original country, the UAE residents have to have a valid UAE driving license.
For some lucky people coming from the below countries, getting UAE driving [...]

What NOT to do when in Dubai, UAE

As mentioned couple of times before, United Arab Emirates is a Muslim country ruled by Sharia law. The rules are more relaxed than in some of the neighbouring Muslim countries, especially compared to  Saudi Arabia or Iran, however that are still few things that are very common in Western cultures that are simply not legal [...]

Things to see in Dubai, UAE

I have been asked recently to draft a quick list of  must- see things in Dubai, so here it is, as I (and my recent visitors) see it:
• Super-popular musical fountain and shark aquarium tunnel in Dubai Mall (
• go on the top of the tallest building in the world – Burj Khalifa (
•  Desert Safari [...]

Traditional Dress – Emirati men

One of the first impression people have about Dubai is that most of the people dress very differently from the current trends shown on Fashion TV. Everyone dresses in their own traditional clothes, Gulf nationals wear dishdash and abaya, Indians wear traditional Indian suits and saris, Pakistani wear traditional Pakistani clothes etc.
The Arabian Gulf male [...]

Moving around Dubai

Dubai is a large,  spreaded, not very pedestrian friendly city and  you as a visitor will need some sort of motorised transportation.
Dubai has an efficient city bus network, although unfortunately Western expat residents don’t use it much and it’s predominantly used by low-income workers from Philippines and India. As a result, women travelling solo may feel uncomfortable [...]

Visiting Dubai – Visas

Christmas and New Year are coming and it’s a busy season for visiting Dubai. For those of you planning to come or perhaps you are expecting guests here are some important info regarding the entry visa.
Firstly, everyone needs a visa to enter UAE. Certain nationalities (listed below) are automatically granted a 30 days visit visa [...]

All important question – drinking (and i do not mean water) in Dubai

One of the first questions people ask me is “can you drink alcohol in Dubai?”. Let’s face it , we all like to party and for majority of us partying includes few glasses of  red. Or white (my personal favourite).  So the answer is: yes, you can drink alcohol in Dubai however there are few [...]

Time to start thinking about New Year’s Eve party?

 The New Year’s Eve party at the most famous Dubai landmark hotel Burj Al Arab is just launched.
The price for a dinner and an after dinner party is merely  7450 dhs, which comes at  approximately US$ 2000 or 1500 euros! This is per person of course.
I think I am going to stick to my plans that involve the  fireworks and [...]

The sky IS the limit!!!

This is sooo Dubai! When we have the tallest building in the world and the biggest man-made island in the world, why wouldn’t we have a place where you can have your dinner hanging from a crane?

Holidays and Public Holidays

Like many people in Dubai, I also took  my vacation during our very, very hot summer, hence the break in my blogging  about life in Dubai – I wasn’t living in Dubai!
 UAE law states that  all employees have 30 (calendar) days annual leave. The companies also provide annual ticket home (some companies give [...]