Monthly Archives: July 2009

20th century

I have this theory that Dubai in its development skipped few important achievements of 20th century. We sure have all the glitz and glamour of 21st century – wireless in cafes, internet banking, ski dome, tallest building in the world, artificial islands, blackberries… all the mambo jumbo. But in the rush to catch up with [...]

Blessed free delivery

There is a sticky note next to my phone that is all important to my life. It has 2 phone numbers on it  – the local supermarket (AKA the grocery) and the laundry.  And why are they so important – they both deliver for free!
UAE businesses have mastered free delivery. Everything here can get to [...]

Welcome to my blog!

I have been asked again and again by the people thinking about relocating to UAE and by newly arrived expats about life in Dubai and its glitches. Because let’s face it, the life that we lead here as expats is pretty different than the one we lead back home, whereever that home was.
There is already [...]