Holidays and Public Holidays

By Ksenya  

Like many people in Dubai, I also took  my vacation during our very, very hot summer, hence the break in my blogging  about life in Dubai – I wasn’t living in Dubai! :)

 UAE law states that  all employees have 30 (calendar) days annual leave. The companies also provide annual ticket home (some companies give annual flights for the employee’s spouse and up to 3 children). As the result, most of the UAE expats go home at least once a year, and some for a whole month. During summer, lots of moms take their children for 2 or 3 months back home to escape the heat, leaving the Dubai roads (pleasantly) empty. BTW, school just started and the roads got back to their normal (very) busy level.

There are approximately 10 days of various public holidays, most of them Islamic religious holidays (both Eids, Birth and Ascension of the Prophet  Mohammed etc). Besides Islamic holidays who are based on Islamic (lunar) calendar and therefore fall on different day every year, public holidays are also New Year (January 1st) and UAE National Days (December 2nd). In short, besides the Eid al Fitr that we just celebrated, we can now look forward to quite a few public holidays in November, December and January (Eid al-Adha 28th November, UAE National Day 2nd December, Islamic New Year 18th December, Ashoura 27th December and 1st of January New year!).

In short, no breaks from vacation planning folks, keep on searching for good spots and good deals! The life is difficult, I know! :)

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