About Ksenya

Having arrived in 2005 to Dubai with no job and very little information, the most of the things I  learned  about Dubai was by method of trial and error. Needless to say, it was sometimes painful and very often time wasting.  From looking for a job, accommodation to where to  get my paintings framed. Later as a part of my job (Office Manager) I had to learn again by trial and error about Dubai bureaucracy (visas, driving licenses, internet connections), handymen and much more about getting things done in Dubai – a very special skill, i will tell you more about it later in my blogs.

In short, through experience we learn (or as Latins would say Experientia Docet). And here they are my experiences for you to hopefully learn from them.

And while learning to adapt do not forget to enjoy Dubai -it is very special place that offers so much to those who know it!


Ksenya Prekovic

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