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Visiting Dubai – Visas

Christmas and New Year are coming and it’s a busy season for visiting Dubai. For those of you planning to come or perhaps you are expecting guests here are some important info regarding the entry visa.
Firstly, everyone needs a visa to enter UAE. Certain nationalities (listed below) are automatically granted a 30 days visit visa [...]

All important question – drinking (and i do not mean water) in Dubai

One of the first questions people ask me is “can you drink alcohol in Dubai?”. Let’s face it , we all like to party and for majority of us partying includes few glasses of  red. Or white (my personal favourite).  So the answer is: yes, you can drink alcohol in Dubai however there are few [...]

20th century

I have this theory that Dubai in its development skipped few important achievements of 20th century. We sure have all the glitz and glamour of 21st century – wireless in cafes, internet banking, ski dome, tallest building in the world, artificial islands, blackberries… all the mambo jumbo. But in the rush to catch up with [...]